GR300 TRU-SPOT Center Drill

GR300 Air and Electric Motors

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This portable center drill machine originated as the MRL100 Tru-Cent’r Drill Machine from Materials Research Laboratory (MRL) of Glenwood, IL. Since 1987, Grem Machining continued to improve on the original Tru-Cent’r Drill Machine with the GR100 Tru-Spot Center Drill Machine. Today, Machining Technology has made even more improvements with the third generation GR300 Tru-Spot Center Drill Machine.

The GR300 Tru-Spot Center Drill Machine is a precision center drilling machine for bar stock. It will accurately center shafts from 2 1/2” to 12” diameter in minutes. You can increase holding diameter to 24” with our optional extension jaws. Special diameter jaws above 24” available upon request. Our stocked Center-Bits range in sizes from 5/16” to 1 5/8”, which all fit our 12mm collet system.

Units are available with either a .85 HP Air Motor or 1/2 HP Milwaukee Electric Drill.

The drill is carried to the work, clamped onto the stock and the center is automatically located. Operate the handle, like any drill press, and the center drilling is complete, eliminating the tie-up of heavier equipment. Review the video below for a demonstration.

Tru-Spot Center DrillTru-Spot Center Drill

Extension Jaws

12” extension jaws
12-inch extension jaws
24” extension jaws
24-inch extension jaws
6” extension gripper arms
6-inch gripper arms